A short poem

Photo by El Salanzo on Unsplash

In the dark,
where our lips first met,
I was introduced to a tenderness
and softness unknown
to me
An intensity so unfamiliar,
yet unalarming,
I held in my breath
and counted in my head
And quickly, you carried me
further into the dark
with such an ease,
I nearly lost myself
in all your comfort
With only the light of
the moon and the sound
of your voice to guide me back
to reality
No stars in the sky,
only black curtains enveloping
both of us
No stars in the sky,
to wish upon, for every night
to be like this night
Instead, I looked towards the
whites of your eyes
Their light…

A short poem

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

As children, we beg for growth
We ask to be mountains or buildings
Skies or oceans
Our small bodies consumed by the desire
to be more than what we are
To been seen with amazement,
rather than be looked down upon
with indifference
We expect the world
and nothing less
We beg for time to speed up,
truly believing that happiness and freedom
is strictly reserved for adulthood
Though, it isn’t until we get
what we want that we realize
the foolishness in our desires or wishes
For I no longer wish for time to go by faster,
but rather to slow down,
in order to finally catch my breath

A short poem

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Hazy reflections
of a dreamier existence,
linger in the back of their minds
They watch the girls move
in their white, melancholic dresses
They marvel and gaze
at the sadness, lurking behind
such ethereal beauty
Scrawny limbs, aching
and growing stiff
They couldn’t see the girls
wouldn’t hold on much longer
Spying through the windows
of a small, listless town,
they looked for signs or messages,
but they never could find
the biggest sign of all
“Boys will be boys
and girls will be girls,”
people say, to avoid
indulging the melodramatic
frenzies of adolescence, but
they will never learn to understand
the horrors that lie behind…

A short poem

Photo by Roxanne Desgagnés on Unsplash

Pieces and fragments
of the day we first met
still linger in the back of my mind
I tried to save you and you tried to save me
We both kept meeting on opposite ends
Too deep or too shallow
We laid to rest on the shore of the beach
Breathing still and quietly
I told you where it hurt
and you tried to kiss the pain away
I tried to drown in your kindness
and you nearly let me
I asked for these memories
of you to be taken away
and they granted my wish, silently
And when the memories finally
began to fade, thoughts…

Jocelyn Villarreal

Teenage adult who likes to read and watches too many movies. Occasionally, I’ll write or ramble about things that keep me up at night.

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