A short poem

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Pieces and fragments of the day we first met still linger in the back of my mind I tried to save you and you tried to save me We both kept meeting on opposite ends Too deep or too shallow We laid to rest on the shore of the beach Breathing still and quietly I told you where it hurt and you tried to kiss the pain away I tried to drown in your kindness and you nearly let me I asked for these memories of you to be taken away and they granted my wish, silently And when the…

A short poem

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My body

My vessel for love

How I was taught to protect

and guard you

As though there was nothing

more sacred than you

My body

My temple for greatness

How I cared and worried

over you

And learned to love you,


How I treated you kindly

and confided in you,

to keep the darkest secrets

that remain hidden within

the colors of flesh

Oh, how I could not see

that one day, you would

betray me

And expose the pink

and reddish hues of my secrets

How you would turn me cold

when I needed warmth the most

A short poem

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Your words paint

such pretty pictures

inside my head

It almost makes it easy

to forget that

they are not your own

They do not belong to you

Nor do they belong to me

For how many times

have those same words

that left me in sheer enthrallment

been rehearsed on others before me?

How many times have your lips

curved and your tongue curled

to form beauty and meaning

behind those words?

Does it, perhaps, bring you joy?

Fooling people, like me

Does it give you pleasure?

Taking what is not yours and

claiming it as your own, in…

Jocelyn Villarreal

Teenage adult who likes to read and watches too many movies. Occasionally, I’ll write or ramble about things that keep me up at night.

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